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Little-Known Facts

Jessica starred in "The Antioch Adventure" (1967) and had a cameo in "The Beat" (2005)

Jeff won the New England Science Fair (1961) with his design and development of a piano-sized computer that programmed the class schedule for Laconia, NH, high school

The history of NetAge
Beginning now and rolling back to the '60s

2007-License methodology to global financial services enterprise; contribute Afterword to The Handbook of Virtual Teams (Jossey-Bass, 2008); initiate research study on organizations as networks; decision to license virtual team methodology at no fee to non-profits around the world; keynote Enterprise 2.0 conference; JL serves on Conference Advisory Board.
2006-Develop and apply OrgScope as organizational diagnostic; license methodology to Scandinavian company; co-author Virtual Teams Handbook (Volvo IT); begin engagement with global financial services enterprise; JL completes first novel, The Persuasion; keynote Collaborative Technologies Conference.
2005-Participate in design and delivery of first "jam" outside IBM's pioneering efforts; file patent application for OrgScope; begin Scandinavian engagement.
2004-"Can Absence Make a Team Grow Stronger?" co-authored with Ann Majchrzak and Arvind Malhotra, Harvard Business Review, May; file provisional patent for OrgScope; keynote Shell Leading Learning event, the Netherlands. Begin OrgScope pilot.
2003-Observe Unified Quest 2003, first joint wargame of U.S. military services; attend seminar wargames of U.S. Army; publish "Hubs and Shortcuts: Prologue to the New Science of Organization Networks," white paper.
2002-Introduce Livelink virtualteams, LiveLinkUp, Paris; European collaboration engagement begins; participate in U.S. Navy's Leadership Summit.
2001-Partner with Open Text to develop, market, sell, and support Livelink virtualteams; Jessica receives Muriel Snowden Leadership Award for service to Freedom House; September 11. Upload all books to website for free download after 9/11.
2000- Virtual Teams, second edition, published by Wiley; dot-com bubble bursts; Jessica at Springboard 2000's New England Venture Forum.
1999- Keynote Intelligence Community's Fourth Annual Conference on Collaboration; raise NetAge investment; keynote Collaborate '99; develop black-belt virtual team training for leading company.
1998 - Incorporate NetAge Inc; serve as guest authors, Collaborate '98, online conference.
1997 - Keynote NCR's top performer conference in Barcelona; Virtual Teams published by Wiley; foreign rights sold in Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, and China; engagement begins with Shell Oil Company; study-tour of UNDP's Sub-Regional Resource Facility; featured speaker, Ministry Renewal Network.
1996 - Receive 21st Century Leadership Award from First Community Bank, BankBoston ceremony at the John F. Kennedy Library.
1995 - Launch; co-found MassNet: Collaboration for the Commonwealth, cross-sectoral effort to encourage collaboration among Massachusetts business, government, nonprofits, and educational; Peter Drucker is keynote speaker at inaugural event, sponsored by Boston's Computer Museum; Oliver Wight Publishing sold to John Wiley & Sons; Apple Computer engagement begins; keynote Interaction Associates conferences in Boston and San Francisco; join Freedom House Board of Directors.
1994 - The Age of the Network published under Oliver Wight Publication's new imprint, Omneo; Howard Rheingold cites J&J as pioneers in electronic communication in Virtual Community.
1993 - Oliver Wight publishes The TeamNet Factor as lead book on Spring list; business guru Tom Peters endorses book in his column; translations into Japanese, Portuguese. Help design, facilitate and launch NetResults, first electronic cross-agency network for U.S. government employees on reinventing government, now FinanceNet; first engagement with UNDP; "Networking: Not Just for Big Business," op-ed, New York Times business section.
1992 - Engagement with Qantas Airways, Sydney, Australia; literary agent Michael Snell agrees to represent Small Giants; sells to Jim Childs at Oliver Wight Publications, and becomes The TeamNet Factor; translation into Portuguese of The Networking Book in Brazil in honor of Rio Conference on the environment; op-ed, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
1991 - Consultants to Digital Equipment Corporation's MD-12 project involving 150 people; "New Meaning for Worldwide Company," op-ed, St. Louis Post-Dispatch.
1990 - Organization-Technology series for Digital Equipment Corporation.
1989 - Speaking tour: Tokyo, Yokohama, Nara, and Osaka Japan; aiding Chinese students in Boston following Tiananmen Square; co-author, Bear Island Reflections, published by Bear Island Conservation Association, New Hampshire.
1988 - First prototype of virtual team room using HyperCard.
1987 - First engagement with Apple Computer; consult to Digital's European organizations.
1986 - Routledge & Kegan/Paul publishes The Networking Book in UK; begin consulting with Digital Equipment Corporation on computer-mediated communication; first draft manuscript, Group Intelligence.
1985 - Incorporate Internetwork Communications and New England Commons, in partnership with DEC; help found PresbyNet, which still exists today as EcuNet.
1984 - Japan's Economic Planning Agency translates and publishes Networking, introducing term to the Japanese language; serve as faculty for first online global executive education program, Western Behavioral Science Institute, La Jolla, California; purchase first Mac; op-ed, Dayton Daily News; participate in Connections '84.
1983 - Launch Networking Newsletter and Networking Journal for Networking Institute members; buy first IBM PC; begin engagement with Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).
1982 - Doubleday publishes Networking in cloth and paperback; first speech at UN's Pacem in Terris Society; found Networking Institute; buy first Vector computer; give first speech at World Future Society; join Calvert Social Investment Fund Advisory Council; receive introduction for Networking from Buckminster Fuller, which we ultimately publish as preface to 1986 book, The Networking Book.
1981 - Methuen cancels US publishing of all books, including ours; literary agent Ron Bernstein resells Networking to Doubleday; buy first Kaypro; attend week-long event with His Holiness the Dalai Lama at Harvard University.
1980 - Intersystems Press publishes Jeff's doctoral disseration, Holonomy: A Human Systems Theory, with foreword by Kenneth Boulding; second child, Eliza, born.
1979 - Go online for first time with EIES; submit One Birth, Many Births manuscript to Ron Bernstein, who agrees to represent Jessica; 14 publishers turn book down; Ron suggests a book on women's networks--we suggest a book on grass-roots networks generally; J&J sign contract with Methuen to write Another America; cover story on Ellen Burstyn's film, "Resurrection," in New Age Journal.
1978 - Jeff earns Ph.D. in human systems theory from Saybrook Institute; Jessica organizes Choices in Childbirth conference, 350 people attend in Blizzard of '78; contribute to new edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves and to National Women's Health Network nine-pamphlet series.
1977 - Jessica's "Bucky Fuller: The Prophet Returns," first Boston Globe section cover story; "Birth," first magazine cover story, New Age Journal; "The Elusive Margaret Fuller," June, New Age Journal; first child, Miranda, born.
1975-1978 - Public Fire Education Prevention Project with Boston's Children's Museum, Shriner's Burns Institute, and U.S. Department of Commerce; bought Wang 2200.
1973 - Incorporate Whitewood Stamps, social science research company, with Frank White. Publish "Cable in Boston."
1972 - Marry; moved to West Newton, bought first computer/calculator.
1971 - Publish "A Cable Is a Very Big Wire," Yale Law Review; Jessica's five-part series on cable television in Boston After Dark (now Boston Phoenix); buy first computer, Wang 600.
1970 - Jessica, B.A., Antioch College; meet Buckminster Fuller; incorporate Foundation 70, non-profit focused around community access to cable television.
1969 - Jeff, M.Litt., Oxon.
1968 - Meet at Oxford University , Oxford, England; Jeff, Fulbright Scholar, Pembroke College; Jessica, undergraduate, Manchester College.


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