Radical uptick in collaborative capability (34%) at IT division of international finance firm
with NetAge methods and tools

We wrote the book on virtual teams



90% People, 10% Technology:
The Secret to Successful Virtual Teams

For twenty-five years, we’ve provided insight and research into key success factors of virtual teams and networked organizations. Working with hundreds of companies and non-profits, we've learned where to focus: on people rather than technology, on the human side rather than the tools.

We offer methods, education, strategic designs, and technologies that enable our clients to work more effectively--better than they ever have before--in boundary-crossing organizations.

Comprises: Frameworks and Models; Workshop and Train-the-Trainer materials; Assessments, Exercises, and Diagnostics; and Technology
Rests on four core principles: People, Purpose, Links, and Time
Customized with client for delivery by internal service organization
Used by GE, Roche, Shell, Apple, Pfizer, Merck, Qantas, Hewlett-Packard, NCR, “International Financial Services Firm,” US government agencies, US Army, United Nations, Volvo
Currently in adaptation for American Management Association’s course on “Leading Virtual and Remote Teams”