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Why NetAge?

 Greater underdstanding of virtual teams and networks

 Desire for more networked organizations

 Jump-start for newly distributed global functions

 Radical improvement for distributed teams with remote workers

 A mind shift into the realities of 21st-century organizations

 Launch networks with employees, vendors, and customers that survive test of time


NetAge works with teams of leaders to develop smarter, better, faster organizations

Today, in crisis times, the focus is on working virtually and reorganization

Working Virtually

What’s different when people from many organizations work together?
What changes when people work from many locations? What needs to change when everyone’s telecommuting? How do people get to know one - and trust - one another?
What behaviors and tools simplify work in today’s complex organizations where nothing is as it was even a decade ago?

Virtual Reorganization

Visualize to see the whole organization as it is and can be
Analyze the network of positions to identify “hotspots” and patterns
Reorganize virtually quickly, physically where necessary

See the January, 2009, NetAge Reports on Virtual Reorganization