Who we are

In the early 1980s, Jessica Lipnack and Jeff Stamps decided to write a book about networked organizations. They wrote to one well-connected networker, Robert A. Smith, III, of Abbeville, AL, USA, who responded, and from there grew a list of 50,000 people around the world interested in "networks" and "networking." Doubleday published Networking in 1982, a report and directory on 1600 grassroots organizations.

Business and governments responded. Since that time, we have worked with clients in many countries across numerous sectors to produce models, structures, methods, processes, education, strategy, and technology for starting, leading, and expanding networked organizations.

NetAge offers consultancy, education, software, and IP licensing.

NetAge, Inc. is a U.S. company, located in West Newton, MA, just outside Boston, USA, incorporated in 1998 in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We adhere to the Safe Harbor Principles regarding data privacy of the US Department of Commerce and European Commission.