Group Link C: Team Relationships Thread the Hierarchy
Type C links represent
group structure
C1 Member Group
A whole/part link that connects members to a group, or to a node representing a group (typically a position). It functions just like an A1 link, except it is not constrained to a single use. Group in the org context is a team with membership based on organizaton position (like a project), not personal relationships (like a social group)
C2 Participant Group
A dotted-line whole/part link represents a relatively passive relationship, or a secondary membership, such as external specialists used by a team. A community of practice, for example, might have a governing group of core member experts with a large number network participant members
A-links may be considered special cases of C-links, such as when a group of 1-degree reporting relationships constitutes a management team
Two nodes cannot have both a member and participant relationship
Positions, groups, or organizations may parent groups, and groups may have positions, groups, or orgs as members. These link types may be used both alone and together to represent complex hierarchical structures of all an organization’s work groups