All-to-all ties between members of senior mgmt team, personal E links filling in where there is not already a link of some type
Personal Link E: I Am the Center of My Personal Network
Type E links represent
personal ties
E1 Strong Personal

Personal links really mean inter-personal links, which in organizational terms also include inter-positional ties between people-in-jobs. These are all “social” links, a relevant tie between two actors.

Most 1-degree organizational relationships (e.g., reporting up and down, immediate suppliers and customers, member of a small group) carry with them a strong presumption of a personal (i.e., person-to-person) tie. As we map various types of inter-positional, inter-group, and inter-organizational links, we are building up the layers of presumptively relevant social relationships.

In addition, people come with their own personal networks, relevant connections inside and outside the organization. Closest are all my 1-degree relationships
E2 Weak Personal
Secondary links can be used for any purpose to distinguish from E1 channels and ties. One use is to map indirect “weak ties” to relevant friends-of-friends, the 2-degree community of relationships that is a key source of creativity that comes from unexpected connections
Two nodes may have singular or multiple strong and weak ties, depending on usage
I am the hub of my own network of working relationships, some of which I acquire with my job, others I make and bring with me from job to job. Also tied to me is my social universe of friends and family outside work contexts
Many meanings of personal direction