Organization Network “Links-Nodes” Are Connections with a Purpose
A fully articulated directed link is identified by the pair of nodes it connects, the order of the node pair, which defines the direction, and the type of relationship (e.g., reporting, process, group, information, or personal). Type is also a required element of link definition if more than one type of link is going to be mapped
two nodes, link endpoints
As you cannot define a node without including the parent node and link, so you cannot define any link without referencing the pair of nodes connected
a link “body,” a relationship
Organization nodes are connected by several key types of relationships, so link type is a separate, third, code defining every link
an arrowhead, a direction
By convention, directed links are specified in a from-to order (e.g., From Node ID col A, To Node ID col B), so direction is already included in the node pair order
a “links-nodes”
a “node-link”