Organization Nodes Require a Whole/Part Directed Link
A node-link is a part with…
…a holon relationship…
…in a holonarchy
Like space and time is really space-time, so are node and link really node-ink. A node carries the holon relationship (from parent to child) of its generation as part of its definition—a person’s parent, a position’s manager, a place’s jurisdiction
The core of an organization network consists of nodes connected in whole/part, parent/child, relationships – a logical “containment hierarchy” The node-by-node directed holon relationship structures holonarchies of nested nodes with whole/part relationships
My ID (name) as a node then, must include direct reference to my Parent ID (boss). The “root” (CEO) node is the “earliest parent,” largest container whole from a given network perspective. My holon (direct reporting) link must lie on a direct path of holon links to the reference root to be an “inside” member of the network (employee). Any manager (parent) node may adopt a root perspective for their organization network
A holonarchy is organically generated from a set of node-link pairs, whereby each node references its parent—except the “top” root node. This is why org charts of thousands of positions can be generated automatically from typical enterprise HR-IT employee-position record systems