Each Type of Node and Its Parent Link
A Place—a facility, an asset, a residence, a desk—is always someplace physically. Most places have a legal address  in a nested set of nation/ state/ local jurisdictions that divide up the world. People, too, are always someplace physically, and subject to the nested set of jurisdictions operating on that spot
A Person is born as a unique part of a nested set of generations and moves independently in a social universe quite apart from any job or combinations of positions and roles that a person might play in a variety of organizations
Organizations are a persisting pattern of relationships organized as set of positions—roles—that people enliven. When people step into jobs, the play of everyday organizational life is imbued with the fusion of person-position-place. The relational position becomes concrete with people, but is not the person. A position may be vacant. It may be eliminated and the person in it  “let go.” A good, well-adapted job in a well-adapted organization may persist for years, decades, even centuries or more, and become re-invigorated each time a new person moves through the position
Organizations are nothing without people, but they are not made of people
An Organization is a multi-level network of holon positions that functions as a root whole point of reference

A Group is a 2-level organization, a cluster of directly related positions

A Position is created by an organization as a job, generally filled by one person. However, the person is not the position, which belongs to an organization. Positions are the unit parts of organizations, not people