Organization Nodes Are “Fat” Points, Real Entities
Real-world nodes like people, places, and things, have 4 space-time dimensions. Nodes as non-dimensional points, as in graph theory (classical network science), don’t offer much meaning or ‘room’ as whole/part containers. Rather imagine nodes as bodies in motion.

Real nodes are generated organically in time, persist in time, and are not abstractly immortal, i.e., people die, mountains crumble, machinery rusts, organizations go bankrupt.

Living organization nodes are fully dimensional in both space and time
Network wholes are spheres within spheres, nodes that are 3D entities, containers with volume
An organization node must at least be represented as a 2D set with an inside and outsie, the minimal conditions for whole/part container logic
Nodes have at least one dimension, however short the string
Point nodes are a pure abstraction
Nodes have interiors and exteriors, with internal and external networks of relationships
External node surfaces may be transparent or opaque, with interiors either private or public to external observation
“Black box” impenetrable system
“Glass box” transparent network