Creating the Basic Organization Chart
Seating the Hierarchy

At CEO’s signal, everyone takes the seat labeled with their position
titles, and dons the uniform on their chairs

  • Seats and uniforms in signature color of their functions, e.g., dark blue for Engineering; hats and coats indicate position type (staff, line, or executive)
    • Staff (no one reports to them) wear white hats and coats trimmed in function’s color
    • Line managers wear hats and coats in function’s color
    • Executive managers (lead other managers) have gold trim on their coat shoulders and hats
  • Everyone has team patches with group’s level number (indicated by manager’s level)
    • Managers have two team patches, one for teams they lead, one for boss’s team
    • Staff coats have only one patch
Everyone is now seated in a hierarchy of sub-organizations
  • Senior leadership team sits in orange Tier 2 in front of CEO’s  red Tier 1 dais. Each senior leader’s team sits one row behind, in yellow Tier 3
  • Each manager’s team seated one row higher; pattern repeats for
    each manager, tier after color-coded tier
    • Hats also show position’s level number (e.g., CEO=Level 1) and
      color (Level 3=yellow) on brim

Establishes simple orderly hierarchy where everyone has seat in interlocking sets of management teams