Vision/Perspective: Zoom In and Out
Vision: You can only see what you can see
Values, cognitive understanding, and emotional empathy all relate to what you can see, or imagine you can see. What you can see is determined by what your unaided human neurology allows you to see. You can only identify with—that is, step into the shoes of, empathize with—positions and relationships you can take the perspective of and understand. Similarly, information openness is meaningless without information availability at different scales of resolution; i.e., is there something to see when I look?
Levels of organization, degrees of separation, and generations of children are all fundamentally the same organizing structure
Range of Empathy
OrgScope breaks the 2° limit and maps a multi-level network that enables people to zoom out to the whole, and zoom in to the most internally deep parts of the organization. It provides the foundation for network transparency and smarter collaboration at all levels
Transparency of Perspective
Unaided, perspective is limited. Complex multi-level organization networks are often confusing and frustrating since we cannot easily see more than a few degrees, generations, or levels away. Without the ability to change perspectives, we cannot see the patterns in the whole, nor the particulars of parts that relate to us, but are not close. We are well aware of our most immediate connections, our 1-degree-of-separation circle of direct links. Two degrees of separation out are friends of my friends, bosses of my boss, staff to my reports, customers of my customer—my local ecology of relationships. Beyond that, 3 or 4 degrees out, there is typically only sketchy, partial, out-of-context view of the larger network where I play a part. Grasping the whole, however, is essential for each of us as parts of intelligent organizations. This is a major reason why we developed the OrgScope tool.