Vision/Resolution: Is There Detail Where You Look?
Your perspective height offers a “cone of visibility” on a given level of detail
Vision combines the zoom capability of perspective with the available resolution of detail that together brings clarity and understanding (or not) at different scales of organizational representation.

In the real world, available high-resolution detail of organizational structure and relationships will vary. All the perspective and motivation in the world will not help visibility if the resolution is low. Data gathering and maintenance of organizational information is critical to useful transparency and the resulting higher levels of network performance.

Transparency of
Resolution is about the information available at each perspective ‘height’, or ‘eye altitude’, especially detail at the lowest unit perspective. For organizations, ‘height’ is represented in levels, degrees, and generations
Levels of resolution in available satellite imagery offers different levels of clarity at different levels of zoom at different places, often presenting a patchwork of detail
Google Earth perspective above New Orleans, showing different quality photos of Earth stitched together for differing available resolutions