From Me to We: Self-Organization Process and Roadmap

Stage 1:
I See Us

Stage 2:
I See Me

Stage 3:
They See Me

Stage 4:
We See Us

We envision a largely self-organizing process of transformation to a transparent, collaborative enterprise. Each of four stages of growth brings its own benefits and is supported by an aspect of the OrgScope tool. Later stages build on earlier ones, are more complex, and enable more cross-boundary self-management.

Think Whole, Act the Part

Stage 1: I See Us

Tool: OrgScope-in-a-Browser

Provides personal identity and orientation in complex, largely invisible organisation
Eases navigation, supports communication, improves ‘on-boarding’
Generates desire to see self and others in relationship to one another
Publish read-only, click-anywhere, network maps to web for unlimited distribution
Annotation and feedback features enable participatory map improvement

Calculate metrics of relationship in the hierarchy

Stage 2: I See Me

Network Science

Each position is unique, has own organizational metrics
Facilitates conversations about accountabilities in context of cross-org comparisons
Generates desire to see more detailed maps with matrix reports, contractors, work teams, leadership networks, governance groups, etc.
Ability to calculate network metrics puts every job into context
Considerable metrics variety from adding new types of nodes, links to base org chart via layers

Add layers to the basic hierarchy for the working organization

Stage 3: They See Me

Network Layers

Each position participates in many working networks threading through the hierarchy
Facilitates cross-organisational conversations with greater transparency and views to new pathways
Generates desire and data to self-organise: change, adapt, and realign local working networks
Ability to create new network maps, add detail, and/or change features in separate layers that overlay base hierarchy
Developing on-screen OrgScope Editor for easy creation of custom network layer maps

Integrate with collaboration tools

Stage 4: We See Us

Network Collaboration

Combine continuous organisational awareness with technologies of connection and collaboration
Facilitates local improvement and innovation in context of shared cross-organisation purposes
Generates a smarter, quicker, more adaptive ‘self-organisation’, a key strategic advantage in times of accelerating complexity
Extensive current untapped ability as clickable navigation tool tying together disparate collaboration spaces and addresses
Can integrate with variety of collaboration tools


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