Update the Base Map and Sync Your Layers

Two great networks—of people and positions—entwine at the core of human organizations. Each marches to the beat of their own drum—
two rhythms, two time scales

The network of people flows through the network of jobs relatively quickly. Who’s where in the organization can change almost daily. However, the overall pattern of flow into and out of the organization is relatively predictable—except when there are reorganizations and growth spurts
The network of positions usually changes relatively slowly, but change it does. Organizations start small and grow job by job in a zig-zag process of development. Mature orgs go through periods of re-organization where many positions may be quickly changed, added, or deleted

Update Layers

Changes in the base enterprise data of people and/or positions are assumed. Each base map is revised on a periodic schedule, e.g., daily or monthly. Layers need to be synchronized against new versions of the base.

• Load new base map

• Load each layer to test for missing nodes

• OrgScope generates error report

• Fix layer data and reload on new base


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