Positions-In-Place Give a Measure of Virtual Teams

To find how distributed a group is, poll the place mode of each node of the group (e.g., manager + reports) for the number of different locations. If everyone is in the same place, the team is collocated. A team in two or more sites is virtual. Relative impact of multiple group locations depends on the group size and number of sites

As organization’s decentralize, distribute their workforce, and outsource in a global environment permeated by the ubiquitous Net, more and more management teams and working groups are finding themselves required to work together while physically apart. A simple measure of locations reveals the presence of virtual teams and places them in the context of the planetary holonarchy of place

Every place is ultimately some addressable place on the planet at each significant scale

Every organization place is embedded in a work site located externally in a holonarchy of jurisdictions and internally in a place on a floor in a building
Every person-in-position has an ‘official’ place sitting or standing somewhere, as well as an ‘actual’ place as the mobile person drags their position around with them
A Place hierarchy can be generated parallel to the Position hierarchy, and links drawn between physical places and organizational places


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