Lipnack on Leading Virtual Teams

Feedback on the Webcast

Original Webcast on October 8, 2008 - 1000 attended virtually - 500 "turned away at the door"


  1. Best webinar I have ever attended - lots of substance, no fluff - great content - outstanding presenter.
  2. Excellent material and very effective presenter.
  3. Great Webcast!  Thank you very much.
  4. Excellent Webinar!!! Thanks.
  5. Very informative and lots of great tips.
  6. Very insightful.  Thanks.
  7. Very good presentation. I am looking forward to attending others.
  8. She was great! Good info! Thanks!
  9. Great webinar, very informative!
  10. Great job and useful information, thanks
  11. Great presentation
  12. Great job and useful information, thanks
  13. Very good - very interesting and relevant.
  14. Wonderfully articulate, thank you!
  15. Enjoyed session -very informative.
  16. Excellent presentation!
  17. Very informative and will assist in managing my virtual team. Thanks.
  18. Excellent information - thanks for the invite to this event.
  19. Excellent information and presentation!
  20. Great webcast - very useful.
  21. Great speaker and great topic.
  22. Great session!
  23. Great seminar.
  24. Great presentation! I would have loved it if we had more time!
  25. Very interesting presentation. Thank you.
  26. We need to have part 2 of this-- This is wonderful!
  27. Thanks for the quality of the presentations and the material.
  28. Thank you!  Well done!
  29. This was a very good session.
  30. Thank you, this was wonderful!
  31. This was "Time well spent", thank you.


And the more substantive comments:

  1. One of the best webcasts I have attended. Content rich slides. Tips and tools I can use right away. Information provided where I can follow-up to learn more. Great job!!!
  2. Extremely helpful as I am transitioning from an office environment to working remotely. The concepts you provided are going to help me with my own team (13 locations). Thank you!
  3. Want to thank AMA again for a great webcast. Love the ability to send in questions and know that they are read.
  4. I thought the information on how to make for better conference calls was great. And the slide showing how to include SharePoint (as did the US Army) was very informative - I think I will try to set up the same kind of station on Sharepoint for my team to be able to access. Thanks!
  5. Thanks - we are currently providing education in our company for Virtual Teaming.  You gave us some great points which we had not included.  Thanks for the information and candid delivery!
  6. This was very informative. Presenter had a nice easy style to listen to. Now, I am considering taking the two day course. Thank you.
  7. I thought this was a well orchestrated and organized presentation. I manage a hybrid team; two members in house, 12 virtual members and I work virtually. I felt that I had good take-aways from this session.
  8. This is great. I can see that this is a wave that is taking off. I just don’t have the time to attend all the conferences that have the information I really need. This is a great learning vehicle.
  9. I enjoyed the program, and will use the information given for my job leading a remote team as well as a volunteer project outside work.
  10. At least I realized that I have been working in a virtual team for years after this webcast. This webcast highlights many important soft aspects of having virtual teamwork done well.
  11. I was able to relate so much of the materials today to our front line virtual team challenges and management project team challenges. Thank you.
  12. This is my first experience with a webcast, it was great.  The information was meaningful, easy to understand, and surprising!  I look forward to future events.  Thank you!

"Leading Virtual Teams: Managing People at a Distance"

AMA webcast presented by Jessica Lipnack, CEO, NetAge, Inc.
American Management Association
October 8, 2008 - 1000 attendees

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