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Typically this is what happens: Someone in an organization realizes that the same-old ways of working are not going to scale as the enterprise increases its virtual teaming through outsourcing, decentralization, partnering, and acquisitions. That perceptive person contacts us and together we design and execute a plan that strengthens the organization's virtual-teaming muscles.

Virtual Teams from the Top to the Trenches


An IT company that had spent several years developing its cultural sensitivity within Europe suddenly contracted with firms in Asia. In a few months time, they moved key aspects of their organization abroad as mission-critical software development was spread across countries, cultures, languages, and time zones. Together, we designed a two-day opening program on virtual teaming for its executives. Next came the launch of its two key business initiatives in two-day programs specifically designed for them, Simultaneously, we worked with the company's IT Collaboration Center to customize Sharepoint into NetAge-style virtual team rooms. And we worked jointly with internal people to produce training and support materials. Once the training program was stabilized and internal consultants were trained, the company developed its own branded virtual-team service, which it provides to its customers.





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