Virtual Team Rooms in Era of Web 2.0

Virtual Teams 2.0 Means (at least) Two Things

Virtual Teams 2.0 enhanced with Web 2.0 technologies


Virtual Teams moving into second-generation rooms

Essence of web 2.0 = user-generated content and relationships — social, work (or both)
Teams generate core knowledge of organizations
Teams have always had member-generated stuff and real-time exchanges
Teams are naturally 2.0-ready at heart of healthy Enterprise 2.0
First generation (1969-1990s) - isolated team room experiments for high-value projects
As web exploded, model proliferated into vast numbers of individual team rooms. Wide range of platforms with little common internal architecture or attention to virtual team processes
Currently in transition to second generation of networked team rooms. Today's teams set in larger environment of many collaborating teams within and between organizations

By happy coincidence, each meaning reinforces other

Web 2.0 technologies enable full-spectrum collaboration across organizational, team, and individual scales


Second-generation teams are the middle layer that tie large-scale virtual organizations to individuals working virtually





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