People and Position Networks

Formal and Informal Organizational Networks

Two great networks together constitute a human organization: an informal social network of people embedded in a formal organizational network of positions. As The Stadium Parable makes clear, there is much more to the real org chart than the simple hierarchy--which itself is not so simple.
People are the center of of their own social network, and play a part in many social networks, which they inevitably bring to the job.
The position is part of the organization, and connected to all the other positions in the organization through a network of relationships. This network of positions and established relationships are the structures and processes that constitute the organization itself. It is at the intersection of people-in-positions that the all-too-human organization organism arises--what English speakers call "organisation."

People with their social networks

"Subjective Organization:"
People are the nodes

Organizations with their position networks

"Objective organization:"
Positions are the nodes

Organizational networks
at intersection of people and positions

People in positions


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