Generating the Base Organization Network Map

For large organizations, the base terrain is the org chart
hidden in relationships present already in HR-Financial- IT data systems

People come already embedded in a social universe of family and friends
HR personnel files, with unique person IDs, are typically managed separately from the job-position record that ties to budget headcounts and the financial system
Reporting relationship between positions reveals the “invisible” pattern of structural relationships between people-in-jobs

Adding contractors to the base network map

Adding nodes to the base map is very straightforward: Just hook to an existing node in the base, or a previously loaded layer, whether one consultant or a contractor org structure of 100s or 1000s. If a structure is added through one link, it must be an internally consistent hierarchy. A fragmented service network may hook to multiple existing nodes
Additional nodes expand the base terrain to include all positions relevant to accomplish the organization’s purpose. The use of contractors is rapidly expanding, but the impact is relatively opaque to many organizations.


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