Visibility and Distribution by Level

Each node has a level, a degree of separation from the root, an inherent holon property. Each position has a natural 2° visibility zone in a large hierarchy. Our inability to see much of the organization unaided is compounded by a generally false image of its shape

What does the CEO see? Down to org Level 3, positions that themselves see to Level 5

We expected a slope in the plot of positions by level, which would indicate the presumptive pyramid shape of hierarchical organization

How do many largely pyramidal functions add up to a diamond? Because they are different sizes, the bottoms of small functions fill out the organization’s middle levels

Leadership networks in hierarchies are typically formed from the top down, giving smaller functions much greater representation in senior management groups than the large functions

Mapping levels, we found a “normal” looking shape centered around the middle levels, a diamond shape when oriented vertically


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