Adding Up Size is Not Simple

Size is the single most useful measure of management load, and the general capabilities required for leadership positions. Humans have always managed in groups of 25 or so, so specialized training-experience is required for larger sizes. Over 100 or so, the organization grows beyond community size and people’s ability to know one another.

Most managers, at all levels, manage small groups and organizations of less than 25
Some size hubs are deep in the large functions and largely invisible to senior management
OrgScope can show relative size in a function by diameter of red disk

Size by formal headcount

The organization’s view of load is headcount (the “absolute” temperature) the sub-org is directly charged for.

Size counting matrix reports

Black-coded functions and sub-functions represent direct reports up to a higher level organization, with a matrix report in the reference manager’s organization (the “heat index” temperature)

Size counting contractors

Contractors may add a few, many, or most of the actual working headcount of a function, dramatically changing the true management load and organizational shape.
Size of function by core employees--pyramid shape
Size of same function increased 250% by contractors—morphed into diamond shape


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