Why Networks?

A Mission to Improve Collaboration

The Age of the Network is in its adolescence, a phase of turbulent transition and accelerating complexity. Humanity embraces the planet in myriad weaves of relationships and technologies. It is a time of rapid organizational evolution.

Our life mission is to improve people’s ability to cross boundaries through collaboration. By improving people’s ability to organize themselves, we impact their ability to improve the world they know best and care about most.

For 25 years, our approach to collaboration and transparency has led through the bi-ways of networks. We believe more effective networks yields smarter, more transparent, more ethical organizations.

Now, after almost three decades of tracking networked organizations, we now see organizations generally —including, and especially, hierarchy-bureaucracy—also as networks.

NetAge OrgScope finds the inner networks in your organization, the framework for all the working networks that criss-cross it. Map the bureaucratic terrain position by position, organization by organization, location by location and you reveal valuable intelligence about your enterprise and the people who manage it.
Make your organization transparent and easier to lead with OrgScope. Begin with your enterprise data system and a complete org chart, then add layers of contractors and network relationships.
It is ironic that a tool developed for visualizing large datasets enables us to represent complex networks and calculate their metrics. For us as people, vision is a primary basis for knowing something, a sensory source for feeling, thinking, and imagining. Without aid, it is very hard, impossible really, to “see” the great organizations of which we are part, or interact with. Thus, our mental models of organizations are shaped by myths and unexamined assumptions, even as reality churns away an accelerating pace of change and demand for adaptation.
As we unfold the organization as a network, it is always useful (especially for the right brain) to see what’s involved. Hence, this “picture book” style of the web allows the visual elements to join with the text and numbers to represent the OrgScope Project.





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